Studying at The OCCA

I have the immense privilege of studying this year (2011/2012) at The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA). The OCCA is a partnership between Ravi Zacharias Ministries and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University. Take a look at the following video introducing The OCCA.

In particular, I’ll be studying on the One Year Certificate Programme. During my time with Youth With A Mission, and more recently Christian Vision for Men, I’ve been involved in evangelism and discipleship all over the world. I’ve had both the opportunity to teach and to practice apologetics through my work.

One vivid memory is of my time in a large Asian nation where nearly all religion has effectively been purged from their history. In this vacuum there are hungry hearts and minds searching for answers. During my time there I met a man who was learning English and had some questions about the Bible. I asked him what he had read and in what area did he have questions? He answered, “I’ve read it all.”

I then met with him over the course of several days answering some of his questions. Questions on such topics as the exclusive claims that Jesus made – i.e. Is Jesus the only way to Heaven? Was Jesus really God? etc.

After leaving the country I found out through friends that a couple of weeks later my friend had become a Christian and was eagerly and energetically involved in the local church!

That is Apologetics in practice. By studying at The OCCA I will have the best lecturers, facilities and opportunities for future growth in this subject. I think you’ll agree that it’s an incredible opportunity and one that I am very excited about!

The OCCA 1 Year Programme

This short video explains the aim of the one year programme.

I really am very excited about this programme! If you are too, would you consider supporting me this year? For more information and to make a donation visit my Support Page.